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Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee 

Beginning of the Lenten Triodion

The Sunday after the Sunday of Zacchaeus is devoted to the Publican and the Pharisee. At Vespers the night before, the TRIODION (the liturgical book used in the services of Great Lent) begins.

Two men went to the Temple to pray. One was a Pharisee who scrupulously observed the requirements of religion: he prayed, fasted, and contributed money to the Temple. These are very good things, and should be imitated by anyone who loves God. We who may not fulfill these requirements as well as the Pharisee did should not feel entitled to criticize him for being faithful. His sin was in looking down on the Publican and feeling justified because of his external religious observances.

The second man was a Publican, a tax-collector who was despised by the people. He, however, displayed humility, and this humility justified him before God (Luke 18:14).

The lesson to be learned is that we possess neither the Pharisee’s religious piety, nor the Publican’s repentance, through which we can be saved. We are called to see ourselves as we really are in the light of Christ’s teaching, asking Him to be merciful to us, deliver us from sin, and to lead us on the path of salvation.

From the Lenten Triodion


The Pharisee went up to the temple with a proud and empty heart;

the Publican bowed himself in repentance.

They both stood before Thee, O Master:

the one, through boasting, lost his reward,

but the other, with tears and sighs, won Thy blessing:

Strengthen me, O Christ our God, as I weep in Thy presence,

since Thou art the Lover of man


Brothers, let us not pray like the Pharisee!

He who exalts himself will be humbled.

Let us prepare to abase ourselves by fasting;

let us cry aloud with the voice of the Publican:

“O God, forgive us sinners!” 

Celebrated January 28


New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia

Rejoice, new martyrs and confessors of Russia,

the adornment of the Orthodox.

lambs of the new slaughter, fellow warriors, and guardians of the faith,

Blameless intercessors for us with God in the latter years,

who in your sufferings appear as emulators of the first martyrs;

O unshakeable pillars of patient endurance,

entreat God that our souls be granted great mercy.

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 Wednesday Jan 24

6pm Compline

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Saturday Jan 27

6pm Vespers


Sunday  Jan 28

9:40am Hours

10:00am Divine Liturgy

"Publican and the Pharisee"


Monday Jan 29 thru Friday Feb 2

Fast Free Week


Wednesday Jan 31 

6pm Compline

7pm Adult Education 


Friday Feb 2 

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"Meeting of Christ in the Temple"


Saturday Feb 3

6pm Vespers


Sunday Feb 4 

9:40am Hours

10:00am Divine Liturgy

"Prodigal Son"


Tuesday Feb 6 thru Thursday Feb 8

Mission Deanery Retreat


Wednesday Feb  7 

No Services 

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His Eminence Benjamin

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Saturday and Sunday March 3rd and 4th, 2018 

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